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An Enemy of the PeopleAn Enemy of the People tickets for the latest Broadway incarnation are available now at Select-A-Ticket. See a fresh new take on this classic play.

Directed by Tony Award winner Doug Hughes, An Enemy of the People takes a fresh and provocative slant on Henrik Ibsen's play. As if the star Director wasn't enough, An Enemy of the People will boast four-time Tony winner Boyd Gaines and Golden Globe and Emmy winner Richard Thomas (c'mon, you remember John Boy from the Waltons!).

About An Enemy of the People

Dr. Thomas Stockmann, played by Boyd Gaines, uncovers there is toxic contamination in the water used at the local baths, and is anticipating being thanked and praised for saving the people. What he did not plan for was the cover-up attempts of this news because the baths account for the main source of revenue in the town. Enemy of the People is a timeless tale about the price of sticking to the truth and comes to New York with a fresh new look provided by writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

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