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Atlantic City tickets are on sale now. Tickets to Atlantic City shows and concerts, all events and venues! Even the brand new Revel Ovation Hall.

Located on an island just off the coast of New Jersey in the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City is a resort town famous for it's casinos and Boardwalk. Because Atlantic City is a tourist mecca, there are several entertainment venues that attract world-class performers. Atlantic City Shows run every night of the week and range from classic "old school" performers like Joan Rivers and Don Rickles to something for today's kids with acts such as Ringling Bros Circus and the American Idols Live recently performing in Atlantic City.

With over 4 miles of boardwalk connecting it's hotels and casinos to it's white sand beaches, Atlantic City has been a summer haven for tourists since before its incorporation in 1854. Access to Atlantic City is relatively easy via the Atlantic City Expressway, The Garden State Parkway, or NJ Transit's Atlantic City Line.

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