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Heralded by critics as "a singing mural of Latin-American life that often has the inspiriting flavor of a morning pick-me-up on a warm summer day," In the Heights is a new Broadway musical that take a look at life in the shadows of the G.W. Bridge in Washington Heights, New York.

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In The Heights Tickets are sure to please - with its Latin inspired music and dance this new musical shines as a truly new type of musical that is light and airy while still showing the strife that plagues the characters lives. The lifeblood of the neighborhood are the coffee shops and bodegas that are all to common in New York, and the main character, Usnavi hates this little shops, ultimately hoping his neighbors will end their addictions to them.

Life In The Heights is good, despite the never-ending pile of bills, and the dashed dreams. This energetic new musical is has been describes as an uptown version of Rent and is sure to pack the theater as audiences take a visit In The Heights.

Richard Rodgers Theatre
226 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

Run Time: TBA

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