About Our Staff

Tom Patania
Tom Patania
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 1978
  • Favorite Event He Has Attended: Bruce Springsteen Concert
  • What Is His Passion: Setting goals and growing people
  • Where Were You Born: The Bronx, New York
  • A Funny Story: We ran a bus trip up to Syracuse New York for a stones show. We pulled over at some small liquor store on the way out and three bus loads 150 people piled into liquor store the owner did not know what to do it was quite funny.

Tara Rau
Tara Rau
Vice President of Acquisition and Risk Management
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 1991
  • Favorite Event She Has Attended: Super Bowl XXXIV | Atlanta, 2000
  • What Is Her Passion: Being Challenged
  • Where Were You Born: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  • A Funny Story: A girlfriend and I were at the Izod Center watching a Devils game. In the third period when my favorite player (Mike Peluso) was injured, we decided to leave. We realized we had lost our car and after 15-minutes of walking around the Meadowlands parking lot looking for it, a little pick up truck stopped and the guy said "Need a ride to find your car?" I looked up and it was Mike Peluso! I ended up riding around sitting on Mike Peluso's lap listening to John Mellencamp's 'I Need A Lover' on the radio looking for our car.

Joe Nagy
Joe Nagy
Senior Account Executive
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 2001
  • Favorite Event He Has Attended: Game 7 of 2003 Stanley Cup Finals
  • What Is His Passion: Rooting on the Devils, & manning the net for my team
  • Where Were You Born: Somerville, New Jersey
  • A Funny Story: I was at a Devils meet and greet function a few years ago. After food was served you would walk around and wait on line to meet a player, take a picture with them, etc. I was walking around and the opposite happened, I had one of them get my attention to talk to me. Their third string goalie that year, Mike McKenna, was up from the minors because of an injury. He had stopped me because I was wearing a t-shirt from one of the metal bands I listen to, and he had noticed it. He didn't have a line since most people there didn't know who he was, so we just hung out for a bit talking about music. It was interesting to experience the reversal of having one of them go out of their way to stop me and talk.

Laura Tannis
Laura Tannis
Account Executive
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 2013
  • Favorite Event She Has Attended: Taylor Swift Concert
  • What Is Her Passion: All Things Parisian
  • Where Were You Born: Passaic, New Jersey
  • A Funny Story: My friend Jen and I skipped school to go see another friend of ours fake wedding that she was doing for a school project. Neither one of us told our parents that we were not going to school. On our way to the "wedding" our car broke down and we had to call our parents to come get us and explain why we were not in school. It turns out that they already knew we did not go to school because we did not call in to say we would be absent and the school called home looking for us.

Dan Pirozzi
Dan Pirozzi
Internet Sales Manager
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 2014
  • Favorite Event He Has Attended: Wrestlemania 29, UFC 128, Nine Inch Nails
  • What Is His Passion: Sports, baseball, football, MMA
  • Where Were You Born: New Jersey
  • A Funny Story: After UFC 128, I was with someone who was from the same town as the guy who just won the UFC championship, Jon Jones.  His manager knew who we were and invited us up to his hotel room and we got to hang out with the new champion for awhile.


Allison Schulman
Allison Schulman
Inventory Manager
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 2012
  • Favorite Event She Has Attended: Muse at The Izod Center, 2013
  • What Is Her Passion: Having fun, no matter what
  • Where Were You Born: Suffern, New York
  • A Funny Story: It was the first time I had ever been to Prudential Center in Newark for the Rihanna concert. We left out of a different door than we entered so I thought we just needed to walk straight down the road to the parking garage. But we were on the wrong road. We ended up walking around the streets of Newark for over an hour looking for the parking garage we parked our car in. Of course I was wearing huge heels so I had to take them off and did most of the walking barefoot. By the time we actually found where my car was, the parking attendant was still waiting there because he could not close the lot until I had taken my car so he was less than thrilled. Next time, I will leave out of the same door I came in.

Jaime Baldwin
Jaime Baldwin
Administrative Assistant
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 2007
  • Favorite Event She Has Attended: Steeler's Games
  • What Is Her Passion: My family and my work
  • Where Were You Born: Northern New Jersey
  • A Funny Story: There is a plant on the desk in my office that I have been told originally belonged to Tom's mother. The plant is well over a decade old and still growing strong even though nobody ever waters it, nor doesn't it get any sunlight.

Mark Gibbons
Mark Gibbons
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 2006
  • Favorite Event He Has Attended: Game 7 of 1994 Stanley Cup Finals
  • What Is His Passion: Eternal home improvement projects
  • Where Were You Born: Belleville, New Jersey
  • A Funny Story: I had the same seats for all NY Rangers home games of the 1994 playoffs. A group of friends sat one section over. For Game 7 of the finals, they sold 4 of their tickets to a man, his girlfriend, his son and his very recently ex-wife. This didn't go over well with the girlfriend and ex-wife. They asked us to switch seats so they could be separated, being superstitious, I said no way. Then he offered to pay me face value for them, I still said no. Then he offered to pay me double for them, I said no. Then double plus another $25 (face value was $32), at that point I accepted the offer, was basically paid to watch the Rangers win the Stanley Cup and learned a lesson in negotiating.

Michael Joliat
Michael Joliat
Director of Sales and Marketing
  • With Select-A-Ticket Since: 2007
  • Favorite Event He Has Attended: Fun. Concert
  • What Is His Passion: Skiing, Running & Swimming
  • Where Were You Born: Cleveland, Ohio
  • A Funny Story: Just after Spring Awakening had won all of its Tony Awards, we had leftover tickets, so I hurried into the city to see the show. The first half was great and I knew why it had won so many awards. There were two older couples behind us that apparently did not agree with me on how great the show was and called their driver to pick them up right away. They missed the second half of the show and wasted a couple thousand dollars. Lesson learned, always find out a little about a show before going!

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