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Nickelback is a Canadian rock band first formed back in 1995. As with any band they have their share of detractors but it is funny how this band has lasted over 15 years yet nobody admits how much they like them! We know Nickelback fans are out there and so does everyone else - their concerts wouldn't sell out otherwise.

Nickelback in Concert

Wonder what a Nickelback concert would be like? Here's a setlist from a 2010 concert to give you an idea.

  • Burn It to the Ground
  • Flat On The Floor
  • Photograph
  • Shakin' Hands
  • Something in Your Mouth
  • This Afternoon
  • Friends In Low Places
  • (Garth Brooks cover)
  • If Today Was Your Last Day
  • Don't Stop Believing
  • (Journey cover)
  • Rockstar
  • Animals
  • Drum Solo
  • Another Brick in the Wall - (Pink Floyd cover)
  • Savin' Me
  • How You Remind Me
  • Too Bad


  • Gotta Be Somebody
  • Wanted Dead or Alive - (Bon Jovi cover)
  • Someday
  • Figured You Out

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