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Gift CardsSelect-A-Ticket gift cards are valid towards purchase of Broadway tickets, sporting event tickets, concert tickets or anything else we sell. Select-A-Ticket Gift Cards make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Select-A-Ticket gift cards are available in different denominations to meet your needs and can be used at any one of our stores or through our website. You may purchase any combination of cards to meet the gift card amount you choose.

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If you have any gift card other than the plastic gift card similar to the one pictured above, you will be required to mail the gift card plus your invoice number to Select-A-Ticket, 25 Route 23 South, Riverdale NJ 07457. The remaining balance on your card will be applied to your invoice upon receipt.


Follow this procedure to redeem your Select-A-Ticket gift card online.

Begin your tickets purchase through our website.

One page 1 of the checkout process, in the "In Detail" box enter the words "Gift Card" followed by the Dollar Amount of the card and your Gift Card Number.

You will be charged in full for your transaction but when your order is processed, you will see a credit applied in the amount of your available gift card balance.

Electronic Gift Cards Now Available!

Do you need or prefer to receive the gift card electronically? Simply choose the gift card denomination, enter Discount Code "egiftcard" during the checkout process and you will receive the gift card via e-mail shortly afterwards.

To receive a traditional gift card by the mail, choose the gift card denomination on the following page and proceed to checkout.

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